Regina Ederveen – harpist

Regina Ederveen studied for harp soloist at the University of Music in Utrecht (The Netherlands). For her excellent interpretation of contemporary music she won the First and Second Price at the Orpheus-Competition in Brussels. Regina received a scholarship to study the Celtic Harp in Ireland. She played with the international YouTube Symphony Orchestra in Carnegie Hall, New York.

Her special interest focuses on the harp music between 1850 and 1950. She likes to discover unknown compositions to relive and replay them. Regina: ’It’s amazing how much interesting harp music I can find in shops and museums in Europe, which has never been played before.’ Regina Ederveen plays classical music as harp soloist, and also gives concerts with a flutist or a singer. She performs at many occasions, from hospitals to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Many cd’s were released by Regina.  Regina plays her gold pedal harp manufactured by harp builder Lyon&Healy. Her motto is to make music ‘from harp to heart’. Info